Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm the mother of a teenager!

Where in the world did the last 13 years go?

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Love Mom


Anonymous said...

Unreal Myra! Where has the time gone. Your big girl is just gorgeous!

Happy 13th Birthday Becky, may you have a wonderful day.

Love your friends in CA!

Rose said...

She's just GORGEOUS, Myra. Wow!!! And totally blowing my mind. Happy Birthday, Becky! Is it possible I've been friends with your mommy since you were 8???

Agnes said...

Crossing over from Pastor Rick's blog. I'm Agnes, Tricia's mother. The Bible verse you posted was the first I read today and it truly blessed me. Thank you so much for praying for our daughter.

Jennifer said...

Yeah I read over there when it all went down. Pretty sad huh?

Andy Lawrenson said...

and now the adventure begins!